Sunday, April 15, 2012

NCECA 2012 !

A large space at the Seattle Design Center

Ann Christenson, Background: Aisha Harrison

Pat Siler

Overview, Crista Ames work foreground

This year NCECA (The National Council on the Education of the Ceramic Arts) was held in Seattle, WA. My colleague, Ann Christenson and I put together a group show that consisted of ceramics, mixed media and performance art. East Side Edge showcased people who were somehow affiliated with Washington State University.
The build up to the exhibition and the subsequent display of the work was tremendous, in all sense of the word. What stood out though were the connections and gratitude people had for our organization of this exhibition.

I have a critical eye towards ceramics and NCECA. Often it seems like ceramics needs to push back more, develop in more contemporary spaces. Ceramics, as with other media, falls too often into a trap of its own defined history.

While perusing the exhibitions at this years NCECA, I was so happy to see a range of work, ceramics as function, ceramics as installation, ceramics as sculptural ,social and political commentary.

Go ceramics ! See you in Houston.

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