Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Cobble Stone Paths We Take

Above Image: William Palmer, Wood Sculpture

Perhaps it is due to my fathers recent death, but I have found myself feverishly tracing my steps; my history. The condensed story: my mother and father moved to Greece in 1964 and decided to settle on the small island of Hydra. Once there, they lived for several years in the home owned by playwright Roger Maybank and painter Marios Loizides. It was in this small house, that overlooked the magnificent Mediterranean sea that I was born. While Marios Loizides died in 1988, Roger Maybank relocated back to Canada and, from what I understand, continues to be a prolific writer.
Students, friends, colleagues, what is your history and more importantly how does it connect to the larger global family ? How can we draw from our history to speak both to the personal and the global?

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